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From Humble Beginnings to Inspiring Success

Our Story.
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“From Struggle to Mpact: Shaping Minds, Inspiring Souls”

Around two decades ago, my journey as a born-again Christian ignited a profound struggle. I grappled with aligning my newfound Christian beliefs with the worldly influences that had shaped me. Music, in particular, held immense sway over my mindset, much like food impacts our physical health. Transitioning my behavior and attitudes to reflect Christian principles was an arduous process.

Discovering Christian hip-hop marked a pivotal moment for me. I swiftly embraced and championed this genre, seeking out artists and record labels that echoed the core values I held dear. In the early 2000s, I began compiling mixed tapes and CDs, distributing them to fellow enthusiasts of hip-hop culture, many of whom were unaware of the existence of Christian hip-hop.

Around 2007, my journey took a new turn as I started visiting youth detention centers armed with music DVDs tailored for the incarcerated youth. It was during this period that I committed myself to mentoring, with a focus on at-risk youth in correctional facilities and prisons.

“Discovering Christian hip-hop marked a pivotal moment for me. I swiftly embraced and championed this genre, seeking out artists and record labels that echoed the core values I held dear.” – Adrian

This dedication gave rise to MPACT, a mentoring program rooted in the principles of MENTALITY, POTENTIAL, ATTITUDE, CHARACTER, and TRANSFORMATION—attributes essential for making a meaningful impact in the world.

Maintaining the right Mentality, recognizing one’s Potential, nurturing a positive Attitude, upholding good Character, and embracing Transformation became the cornerstones of my mentoring philosophy. I likened this transformative journey to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly—a process of renewal and growth.

Over the years, my mentoring endeavors expanded beyond youth to encompass adults and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through it all, the mission of MPACT remained steadfast: to empower individuals with faith-building music and guidance, enabling them to thrive in today’s complex world.


Mentality shapes our approach to challenges, either limiting or expanding our possibilities.


Potential is the seed of greatness, waiting for the right conditions to flourish and bloom into extraordinary achievements.


Attitude is the compass of our journey, steering us towards success or failure with each step we take. 


Character is the foundation upon which integrity and resilience are built, defining our actions and reactions.


Transformation occurs when we embrace growth, shedding old skins to reveal the essence of our evolving selves.


Our Journey, Your Inspiration

From Buckeye State to Sunshine State

Beyond the realm of entrepreneurship, I wear many hats. I’m known as a proficient Basketball Coach, a supportive Mentor, a skilled Music DJ, and an empowering Transformational Speaker. With six children and three grandchildren, family remains at the core of my life, bringing me immense joy and fulfillment.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, born on March 30th, 1974. Growing up just a stone’s throw away from the Michigan state line, I developed a strong sense of community and ambition. After graduating from Roy C Start High School in 1993, I took my first steps toward higher education with a basketball scholarship at Clark State Community College in Springfield, OH. It was there that I immersed myself in Business Management, Accounting, and Taxation studies, setting the stage for my future endeavors.

In 2003, I made the bold decision to move to Bradenton, Florida, where I laid the foundation for my own Accounting and Tax business, which I proudly named “Rapid Return Services.” Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, I’ve managed to keep the doors of my business open for over 19 years and counting. Along the journey, I’ve expanded my services to include Payroll, Bookkeeping, Website, and Mobile Application design.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of holding various management and leadership positions in six different countries, each experience shaping me into the person I am today. Now, I reside happily in Bradenton, Florida, alongside my wife, Shekinah Mays. In 2021, we welcomed our newest family member, Elijah Mays, further enriching our lives and solidifying our bond.